Mercury Clean Up

aht provides mercury vapour testing, removal and disposal. Mercury is toxic substance that produces harmful effects on the nervous, digestive, immune systems, lungs, kidneys and can be fatal with uncontrolled exposure.

Mercury is often found in plumbing systems in older laboratory facilities. In these facilities, the mercury was poured into the drainage systems and was assumed to be out of the facilities. During routine repairs and demolition activities in these facilities, tradesman are often discovering mercury in the drainage systems. In most cases, the mercury has been spilled onto the floor and the area requires evacuation until the mercury can be removed.

aht uses the appropriate personal protective equipment in all projects involving mercury cleaning. This personal protection equipment includes chemical protective suits, nitrile gloves, safety boots, boot covers, and full face respirators with NIOSH Approved 1006000 mercury vapour cartridges with an end of service indicator. aht utilises a mercury recovery vacuum cleaner, which is often required to remove mercury from surfaces. This allows aht to separate the mercury from other materials, which results in the mercury being recycled and reduces disposal costs to our clients..

aht utilizes mercury vapour monitors to test the area before and after, ensuring mercury is not present and has been removed from the area properly.

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