Over the past few years, infection control during construction activities and normal operating procedures within health care facilities has come to the forefront in Ontario and other regions of Canada. Currently, there are strict guidelines in-place for health care facilities to ensure the health and safety of patients is being maintained.

aht provides certification and testing in conjunction with the implementation of CSA Standard "Infection Control During Construction in Healthcare Facilities". Our certification and testing services include the following:

  • Hepa Filters Certification and testing of HEPA filtration systems to pinpoint leaks and determine filter efficiency. Testing of pressure differential to determine when filters should be changed.
  • Isolation Units Airflow testing of local HVAC systems in isolation units to ensure negative pressure differential is being achieved and proper airflow direction is maintained. Airflow visualizations can also be performed to determine and correct potential problems.
  • Level I-IV Construction Precautions Testing of negative pressure filtration units, HEPA filtered vacuums, airflow measurements and negative pressure differential during construction in healthcare facilities.