Over the past few years, infection control during construction activities and normal operating procedures within health care facilities have come to the forefront in Ontario and other regions of Canada. Currently, there is strict guidelines in-place for health care facilities to ensure the health and safety of patients is being maintained.

aht recognizes the importance of this criteria and is active in the infection control industry. We have been conducting decontamination services within laboratories and health care facilities for over a decade and have gained extensive experience and knowledge in the pros and cons of a variety of decontamination and disinfectant methods. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Spray foam decontamination of equipment, vertical/horizontal surfaces, isolation rooms, negative pressure rooms, operating rooms, and mechanical ducting and fan housing where suspected biological hazards are present, ranging from simple particulates to more virulent micro-organisms. We utilize the Easy Decon spray foam method for this form of decontamination.
  • Para formaldehyde gas decontamination of equipment and surfaces contaminated with biological hazards.
  • Fogging of surfaces where the above methods are not applicable including offices and areas where porous surfaces are present.
  • Post construction and maintenance work area clean-up and decontamination utilizing pre-approved decontamination and disinfectant methods.
  • All decontamination projects can be validated with biological indicator strips to ensure that the necessary concentration reduction is achieved in accordance with applicable Ontario regulations for biological waste.

We provide Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all of the above noted methods. In addition, we are actively involved in many industry organizations and are available for on-site or private demonstrations of the decontamination methods noted.