With the ever increasing threat of biological, chemical and radiological hazards in the workplace; institutional, commercial and industrial facilities must have emergency response management programs in-place to deal with the unexpected. Local fire services, police services, emergency medical services and the local health unit do not provide any decontamination services for ICI facilities. It is clearly stated in the office of the fire marshal's guidelines that this service is to be provided by the private sector.

aht provides site decontamination services to ICI facilities. We will work closely with facility managers, corporate security officials and the local government agencies including municipal, provincial and federal authorities to ensure sites are properly decontaminated. Our proven methods of decontamination are backed by thorough Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that can be designed and detailed specific to your facility. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Design and implementation of site specific biological, chemical and radiological management plans that meet the needs of individual corporations on a case by case basis.
  • On call 24 hour - 7 day a week emergency response team to address any suspected biological, chemical and radiological hazards that are discovered during routine operations.
  • Participation in mock disasters for corporate clients to demonstrate the process that will be followed during an actual emergency.
  • Spray foam decontamination of loading docks, mail rooms, offices, stairwells, elevator lobbies, mechanical equipment and other areas where suspected biological hazards are present or conducted as a precautionary measure. We utilize the Easy Decon spray foam method for this form of decontamination.
  • Fogging of surfaces where the above methods are not applicable including offices and areas where porous surfaces are present.
  • All decontamination projects can be validated with biological indicator strips to ensure that the necessary concentration reduction is achieved in accordance with applicable Ontario regulations for biological waste.