Fume Hoods are a primary engineering control used in chemical laboratories to provide personnel protection from chemical exposure. According to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Standard Z316.5-04) fume hoods should be performance tested at least once per year. Some of these tests include:

  • Air Flow Measurement
    • Face velocity
    • Duct traverse
    • Smoke patterns
  • Physical Characteristics
    • Damper/baffle operations
    • Sash operation
    • Drain operation
    • Stability
  • Commissioning
    • Electrical safety
    • Lighting
    • Noise
    • Vibration
    • Chemical Evaluation

Let aht take care of your fume hood annual field testing to keep your equipment properly operating and protecting your staff. Our testing protocol meets and exceeds the CSA standard recommended field tests. All testing is performed with state of the art, calibrated, testing equipment, and after testing certification labels will be applied to the laboratory fume hoods with the corresponding face velocities listed on the labels. You will also be supplied with a detailed technical report..