aht is a professional testing firm that specializes in on- site field testing of biological containment cabinets (BCC), clean benches, and laminar flow hoods. BCC are a complex engineering control device used to provide three types of protection during work with microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria. The three types are personnel protection (protecting the operator), product protection (protecting the item worked on from cross contamination), and environmental protection (keeping everything properly filtered and inside the cabinet). Clean benches are a similar type of equipment as a BCC, but it provides product protection only. Manufacturers recommend that clean benches are annually field tested as well.

The world wide testing standard authority for biological containment cabinets is The National Sanitation Foundation (www.nsf.org). This organization as well as BCC manufacturers recommends that BCC be performance tested and adjusted at least once per year by a qualified field certifier. NSF also has a field certifier accreditation program that tests the skills and abilities to a set standard of field certifiers worldwide.

Let aht take care of your biological containment cabinet annual field testing to keep your equipment properly operating and protecting your staff. Our field technicians are listed on the NSF website as accredited field certifiers. All testing is performed with state of the art, calibrated, testing equipment, and after testing certification labels will be applied to the cabinets, as well as submittal of a detailed testing report. We can also furnish calibration certificates if required.