confined space

Advanced H.E.P.A. Technologies inc. (aht) is a professional firm that specializes in providing confined space assessments and Confined Space Rescue Services.

Ontario Confined Space Regulation 632/05 sets requirements for working within confined spaces. These requirements include properly qualified rescuers on site with appropriate equipment (such as Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, life lines, gas monitors, mechanical ventilation, etc.).

aht provides clients with site assessments, rescue plans and all the personnel and equipment required to perform confined space rescue for our clients.

Site Assessments

aht provides clients with Confined Space Site Assessments to comply with the Ontario Regulation. During these site assessments, aht provides documentation of the clients confined spaces, hazards within the space, and a rescue plan for each specific location.

Rescue Services

aht provides clients with Confined Space Rescues Services to assists clients who are entering a confined space. aht provides the clients with a Rescue Plan, Air Monitoring, Equipment, and Documentation. aht staff are highly trained in all rescue techniques and ensure our clients are in compliance with Ontario Confined Space Regulation 632/05.