Clean Rooms

aht's experience and expertise in testing cleanrooms for the past 20 years ensures that your cleanroom will be tested and evaluated properly. All testing results will be explained to you in reference to meeting and exceeding the current standards required.

A Cleanroom is an environment, typically used in manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, scientific research, aerospace engineering, etc., where a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microorganisms, and particles are required. A cleanroom has a controlled level of contamination that is specified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a specified particle size.

These areas should be tested when constructed and on an annual basis to ensure compliance with the target cleanliness class and that parameters have not degraded.

In any filtered equipment, maintenance will be required (such as replacing installed HEPA Filters) and aht will work with you in planning your maintenance based on testing results. aht will assist in planning, ensuring stock of the proper filters and performing the maintenance during a period that works best for the client, to ensure minimal downtime.

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