Hospital Lab

Over the past few years the number of laboratories handling biological hazards and the number of technical representatives wishing to import pathogens for future research into Canada has been steadily rising. Furthermore, despite greater awareness, there is an increased need for occupational health and safety training and more stringent procedures associated with bio-containment incidents due to improper decontamination methods being used in Canada.

In accordance with the Health Canada's "Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines" 3rd Edition 2004, decontamination includes both sterilization (the complete destruction of all micro-organisms, including bacterial spores) and disinfection (the destruction and removal of specific types of microorganisms).

Bio Lab Equipment

aht provides laboratory site decontamination and disinfection of contaminated surfaces and equipment within Containment Level 1, 2 and 3 facilities. We will work closely with laboratory managers and facility managers to ensure laboratory facilities are properly decontaminated and disinfected to ensure the integrity of research and testing is maintained. Our proven methods of decontamination and disinfection are backed by thorough Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that can be designed and detailed specific to your laboratory. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Design and implementation of site specific decontamination and disinfection of Containment Level 1, 2 and 3 laboratories utilizing gas decontamination or other appropriate methods.
  • Gas or spray foam decontamination of mechanical systems, equipment and other surfaces where contamination or suspected contamination has occurred.
  • On call 24 hour - 7 day a week emergency response team to address any suspected contamination discovered during routine operations.
  • All decontamination projects can be validated with biological indicator strips to ensure that the necessary concentration reduction is achieved in accordance with applicable Ontario regulations for biological waste.