Biological Containment Cabinets

aht has been providing certification testing of biological containment cabinets, laminar flow clean air devices, and clean benches for the past 18 years. All testing is performed by NSF trained field personnel using current calibrated equipment.

After on site testing is performed, field personnel will explain to our clients all our findings and notify of any issues requiring attention before leaving the site. In any filtered equipment, maintenance will be required (such as replacing installed HEPA Filters) and aht will work with you in future planning of your preventative maintenance based on testing results. aht will assist in planning, ensuring stock of the proper filters and performing the maintenance during a period that works best for the client, to ensure minimal downtime.

aht maintains an inventory of parts and common sized HEPA filters to assist our clients in the event of emergency repairs.

Each piece of equipment will have a label affixed to it, indicating date of testing, manufacturer, model, serial number, certifier name, accreditation number, and signature. Our clients are provided with a detailed technical report that explains testing methods and how the testing results of your equipment compare to current standards.

Biological Containment Cabinets (BCC) are a complex engineering control device used to provide three types of protection during work with microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. The three types of protection are personnel (protection of the operator), product (protecting the item from cross contamination) and environmental (keeping everything from the item within the cabinet's space).

The world wide authority on BCC's is the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). The organization as well as manufacturers require BCC's to be tested on an annual basis and be performed or overseen by a NSF accredited certifier.

Clean Benches are a similar type of equipment as a BCC, but only provides product protection. Manufacturers recommend that clean benches are field tested annually.

There are many other types of equipment (Laminar Flow Clean Air Devices) that utilize HEPA filters to protect personnel and the environment. aht personnel have the experience and expertise to ensure your equipment is operating properly.

Some of the testing performed in certifying BCC's, Clean Benches and HEPA filtered equipment include:

  • H.E.P.A. Filter Leak Test
  • Cabinet Leak Test
  • Downflow Velocity Profile
  • Inflow Velocity Profile
  • Smoke Pattern Testing
  • Electrical Safety Tests
  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Vibration

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