Biological and Chemical Hazards

aht has been performing decontamination of biological and chemical hazards for the past 20 years throughout Canada.  These decontamination services have been required by clients to facilitate routine maintenance, pre construction and post construction activities.

This decontamination work ranges from small pieces of laboratory apparatus, to walk-in refrigerators and freezers, to larger open laboratory areas including HVAC applications and entire facility floors.

aht has developed many different methods and have acquired state of the art equipment to assist us with performing the work safely and efficiently for the decontamination of specific biological and chemical applications. This ensures that the required decontamination services are successful, cost effective, and have minimal downtime for our clients.


Increasingly, construction companies have become concerned with employee exposures during renovations of laboratories and HVAC systems. Under the current Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, there is a requirement to provide a safe working environment for construction tradesmen including Ontario Regulation 833/90 as amended by 607/05, Control of Exposure to Biological and Chemical Agents. The regulation requires every employer take all measures reasonably necessary in the circumstances to protect workers from exposure to a hazardous biological or chemical agent because of storage, handling, processing or use of such an agent in the workplace.

Our extensive experience with chemical and biological hazards provides us with the expertise to tailor our services to our client’s particular needs. During our initial client consultation, aht will research individual hazards in order to develop the best decontamination strategy to mitigate the risks.

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